by The Mystic Underground

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released November 18, 2016

written by vladimir valette/benedetto socci
guitars by daniel cousins
produced by the mystic underground
@2016 evergreen meadow music (ascap)



all rights reserved


The Mystic Underground New York

Life...set to a dance beat. The soundtrack of your trials and tribulations. Injecting a generous dollop of drama along with extra helpings of synths and sass into an otherwise dreary and desolate musical landscape is what The Mystic Underground are here to offer. A collision of sounds. A thoughtful and whimsical blend of man versus machine.

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Track Name: Evelyn, You'll Be The Death Of Me
Evelyn, you'll be the death of me.

Lost in thought and conversation
read between the lines
watch me quiver, shake and shiver
stumble as I stray

evelyn, you'll be the death of me
as you drown me with your charms
say the word and i'll relent again

dare me to console you
blind me with your tears
please reward me
let me drink from
the fountain in your lap
and i'll die in your arms tonight
fallen in too deep
bend me till I break
now i'm yours to hold
now i'm yours

tempt me with your charm
say the world and i'll undress again
Track Name: War Of The Roses
War of the roses

So how do we do this
break up or make up
I cowered for days
hours and hours
you couldn't be bothered
as we run in place
shame is the name of the game
as you draw your sword
a strike and a deathly blow
still I take the blame
the simplest of routes to take
is the harshest of truths to face
do we hate to be loved
do we love to feel burned
this isn't a test
it's a battle for blood

the cavalry comes right around the bend
there will be others who'll take your place
this isn't a war, there will be no roses
spread on your bed, blood and tears instead

left to pick up the pieces
while you roll the dice
shrill voices, they beckon
I close my eyes
Track Name: In The Waking Hour
In the waking hour

trouble creeps, the murmuring haunts you
the laughter paralyzed you, the worst of fears surround you
you hear the cries, faint echoes deceive you
the dusk, it overwhelms me
the darkness would consume me

don't fear the night, embrace the night
run wild and free to the raging sea

(don't fear the night, embrace the night)
this guilt, this guilt is your birthright
it's your time, your chance at the spotlight

come into the open, they'll have you
don't let the seconds scatter, the years pass and dissuade you
this is the trail i've burned and destroyed
these gifts that i've been given have withered into dust

when the morning comes, will you comfort me?
Will you stay with me? Will you drown with me?

this guilt, this guilt is your birthright
it's your time, your chance at the spotlight
we'll swim, we'll drown in the moonlight

It's time, I've done all I can
in the waking hour, there's a storm in heaven
Track Name: Laughter Turns To Tears
Laughter Turns To Tears

consternation creeps
nipping at the heels
when I don't want to love
but I fear that i'm done
and the laughter turns to tears

there's no prize
no consolation
and it's game set match
these gender games
and I don't think you care how I feel

truth, it lies, i'm told
underneath the sheets
it's an art
it's a skill
if I speak
it's a sin
and the laughter gives me chills

like clay in your hands
exactly as you planned
and I can't understand
still you make these demands
when you see the state i'm in

is it love when you're out of options, dear
is it love when the loser finished first
Track Name: Carry On, Young Men
Carry on, young men

this is not the way we act
this is not the way we dress
button up
fix your face
be the man
become the lie
define success in gross excess
change your life
discard the wife
strike the pose
your and your boys
clothes seal the deal
you're in demand
no time to talk
sleep when you're dead
in sex we trust
in love with lust

white lies with no regrets
no storm, no stress
jump another train
towards success
no muss, no fuss
onto something else
we want acclaim
no storm, no stress
brittle, fleeting fame
dry your eyes
no sweat, no tears
carry on, young men

what's yours is mine
this much is known
we want the pomp
no circumstance
so shelve the claims
we've lost the lead
you can't replace the civilised
Track Name: That's How Rumours Start
That's how rumours start

righteous girls bend at the knees
delinquent girls bend at the waist
got a weakness for pleasure
a fondness for leather
that's how rumours start, oh...
so you think you can tame her
with your trembling middle finger

sirens scream, you pay no mind
teased by the lies they sing
love's no crime but you don't care
come hither, she says

when in a position to choose
you're always destined to lose
can a twice-jilted lover find solace in murder
that's how rumours start, do tell...
can you ever forgive her
will you reach out for the cleaver

crash and burn, you'll never learn
love is a sham, you know
drawn and quartered, oh never mind
but you can't say no

you're in love
yes, you'll kick and scream down the rabbit hole
everybody knows
yes, she knows
when she waves her hand
when she licks her lips
you'll be down at heel
Track Name: Here In My House
Here in my house

all is calm and all is bright
here in my house
serenity, it rules the day
here in my house

then the lights go out
my hands are oh so cold
won't you talk to me?
Did you have to leave?

Random thoughts run rampant
the ceiling's staid and grey
sundays fade and mondays blur
here in this house

pages stuck together when the lights go out
should I chase you?
Stumble out of bed
breathing gets heavy as I call your name
can't replace you
this will have to do

as much I adore your face, it'd be nice to put you in your place...
Track Name: Those Evil Urges
Those evil urges

i've got time to spare and you, the spite
quite clear we've something in common
so much to share
no mark to hit or miss
we'll talk of love and war, of sacrifice
whilst in the throes of passion
i'll toss, you turn
no time to waste on morbid thoughts of home

those evil urges inside have consumed us
the night's promise is gone by the morning
held down and been swallowed up
i'm not sorry

you've got charm to spare and I, the guilt
money is too loose to mention
my hands are bare
I guess this means goodbye
before you place the cash on the dresser
promise what's done here remains here
we've got mouths to feed
our sordid lives await out there
lust, guilt, shackles round my neck
tighten their grip when I touch you
no place to hide and home is much too far away

those evil urges have betrayed us
Track Name: Remember Me
Remember me

so this is love, the joy and pain
peace and quiet, the warmth of your face
so much promise gone

loved and lost and fell from grace
did I cause a scene or speak out of place
when all is gone, will you remember me?

It's a part I was born to play
the eager loner resigned to fate
it's what I want, it's what I deserve
were you crying for me or was it laughter I heard?
It wasn't long ago when I held
the faintest hopes, yes I know, still I clung to the hope
that you could see through the mask.
Alas the time has passed.

So this is love or so they say
you made your appeal yet you could have stayed
when all is lost, will you remember me?

Was I too afraid
to let you down
to show you my face
add deeds to my words
when all is gone
will you remember me?